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Teaser, the mystery novel by Jan Brogan


Hallie Ahern, a Providence, Rhode Island, reporter and recovering gambling addict, is trawling online chat rooms in search of a story for her newspaper’s Web site when an anonymous source sends her a short video clip, a teaser. Featuring two girls striking provocative poses, the clip promises more to come. As Hallie follows up on the lead, staking out tech shops and high school hangouts in search of the girls in the clip, she discovers that men are buying the girls webcams and lavishing them with gifts to make sure they use them. But those gifts are only a taste of the perils to come.

The paper’s new owners love the idea of an exposé that warns parents of the dangers of the Internet, but when girls start dying, and when Hallie’s boyfriend—a prosecutor with the Attorney General’s office—ends up on another side of the story altogether, the situation goes from dark to lethal.

As Hallie is caught between her responsibilities as a reporter and as a concerned citizen, her investigation leads her deep into a far-reaching conspiracy in Teaser, Jan Brogan’s latest gripping mystery.

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  • Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine: Jan Brogan's heroine, reporter Hallie Ahern, has seen her share of trouble. A former gambling and sleeping pill addiction nips at her heels, she is haunted by her brother's overdose, and her daring muckraking has sometimes proven deadly. In Teaser (St. Martin's Minotaur, $25.95), Ahern's past and present hazards collide when she stumbles on a random Internet video broadcasting two young girls in provocative poses. Her tenacious search for the girls, and her discovery of the far-reaching conspiracy profiting from their exposure, puts her at odds with her newspaper, her prosecutor boyfriend, and the Providence, Rhode Island, police force.
    Brogan, a former reporter, skillfully plots a series of events stretching from seedy online bulletin boards to abandoned Providence warehouses. Her prose zigzags soundly from devastating emotional resonance-as when Ahern witnesses the mother of a dead child making a painful walk into her empty house-to heart-pounding action. Ahern's lone quest for the truth keeps readers close by for the ride.
    -Laurel Fantauzzo
  • The Providence Journal says, “I've read all of Jan Brogan's mysteries…and have enjoyed them all, but Teaser gets off to such a fast start that I think this may be her best yet. The suspense never lets up, the plot twists and turns, revealing sudden connections and deadly consequences, and Hallie Ahearn, reporter for the Providence Morning Chronicle, is suddenly so certain of her mission that she heads out into dangerous, uncharted waters full speed ahead…
    Hallie's a kick: acerbic, wary, dedicated to her craft, too caring to be cynical in a world of cutthroat journalists and all kinds of rotten business deals….and probably such a good reporter because her career is one more addiction.”
  • The Boston Globe says, “Satisfying, fast-paced mystery….Hallie is a complex, fully-realized character riddled with contradictions. Brogan skillfully tracks Hallie’s investigation, keeping her narrative moving at a page turning clip and continually raising the stakes for all involved. If Brogan’s entertaining escapist tale is any evidence, readers will be left hoping Hallie Ahern’s break is a short one.”
  • Romantic Times gives Teaser 4 stars: “This third Hallie Ahern mystery explores the dark side of the Internet in a story that could be ripped from today's headlines. Hallie's relentless pursuit of justice through the darkest corners of humanity makes this a compelling read with a satisfying ending.”
  • Booklist says, "Hallie is a likable protagonist, with a mixture of foibles (including a gambling addiction) that keep her from being a cookie-cutter amateur sleuth, and the author, a veteran journalist, does an excellent job of creating the environment of a newspaper. Brogan is relatively new to the mystery scene-her first novel, the stand-alone Final Copy, was published in 2001-but she displays the kind of natural talent for character, story, and suspense that should ensure a long career in the genre."
  • calls Teaser, “the perfect wake up call for parents who have given their children free reign of the computers.”
  • Publishers Weekly says, “Troubles abound for Hallie Ahern in Brogan's satisfying third mystery starring the intrepid Rhode Island reporter.”
  • And Kirkus Reviews calls it, “A neatly packaged tale delineating how online scoops are eroding print newspaper profits and how even if an active addiction is stopped, the emotional processes behind it may well remain.”
  • "Teaser is a terrific thriller about Internet pornography and rising tensions in the newspaper industry over online competition…. Brogan juggles her gripping Internet porn plot with Hallie’s personal problems without ever compromising either of the narrative threads. The personal touches deepen our involvement with Brogan’s wonderful protagonist.” The Connecticut Post
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READER'S GUIDE     Download the PDF version of the Reader's Guides.

Teaser Reader’s guide by Emily Homonoff.

  • 1. How does the novel’s title, Teaser, reflect the book’s central theme? Discuss the numerous forms in which “teasing” displays itself.
  • 2. What are the appeals of cyber space to adolescence?
  • 3. As shown with, Lexi and Whitney, how is a false sense of security exemplified to those who use cyber chat rooms? Are people sometimes lulled into these feelings? And if so, how?
  • 4. Throughout the novel, how does author, Jan Brogan, introduce her feelings on the topic of cyber space, and the people who utilize its services?
  • 5. The main characters attend private schools, do incidents of cyber sex occur more frequently at schools such as those, which are highlighted throughout the novel?
  • 6. Hallie Ahern, The Chronicle reporter, becomes part of her own story. Is it a reporter’s job to remain objective? Or is this task impossible, when they become so intimately involved with the story’s subject?
  • 7. Is Hallie’s addictive nature helpful or hurtful when investigating a story?
  • 8. Hallie Ahern and Assistant AG Matt Cavanaugh become romantically linked in previous novels. Is this relationship a conflict of interest, given their careers? Given their ambitions, can they make it work?
  • 9. What is the impetus for Hallie’s involvement in the story? And what are the factors that continue to captivate her?
  • 10. There is nothing like a good bad guy in a story, and Jan Brogan paints a very accurate picture of a villainous character. Do there appear to be any redeeming qualities within Rurik’s persona?

Teaser is all about Internet dangers: Check out
"A Teenagers Guide to Staying Safe on the Internet" By Emily Homonoff.

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